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Discover the unique performance of our energy storage systems.
IonTec GmbH offers self-sufficient energy storage solutions for industry, private households and solar parks
Solar cells
Solar cells convert sunlight into clean energy,
and enable sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation.

Innovative products for energy storage

Welcome to IonTec GmbH.

The greatest challenge of the energy transition is the storage of energy. IonTec GmbH is rising to this challenge and developing and producing efficient energy storage systems that are ready for a wide range of applications.

Energy storage system

Our energy storage unit is characterised by a very compact design and the associated low weight. The special connection of the individual cells enables the battery to be repaired and completely recycled.

Solar cells

Our energy storage has proven itself many times over in combination with solar systems and in the self-sufficient power supply of mobile applications such as water purification systems for emergency areas and outdoor systems in the leisure sector. The solar systems planned and installed by us are designed for self-consumption of the electricity produced.